Initial meeting with the customer will be to evaluate project goals.

At this stage we may suggest:
• Renovation of the existing facility, with or without an addition
• Building a new hospital ground up or relocating the existing practice to a new space.

We will discuss desirability of these options as well as establish preliminary budgets. Topics such as zoning, existing structure of the building, parking, mechanical systems, size of electrical service, sanitary sewer, and water service will be taken into consideration in helping reach a decision.

If you’d like we can also help comment on potential spaces you are looking at before you make any big decisions. Furthermore, we can help look over agreements with landlords to help get you the most out of your space.

Once goals and budget are agreed upon we will be able to
move on to the next stage.


We can plan the entire project with a realistic time frame for each stage.

This will include: designing the space, obtaining all needed permits, official plan amendments, variances, and site plan approvals to start the construction process. Once permits are all obtained we have an entire crew and trades people ready to get going on your project. We make sure everyone is coordinated with one another to complete your project in a timely manner.


We start by preparing a few layouts to show various design options for the existing or new space.

Every hospital and client is different based on specific needs, priorities, styles of work, and expectations for the finished space. We try to show a variety of possibilities to give you the best idea of how your space can be laid out. We then begin to narrow in on the best option and refine it until everyone is satisfied. With the layout finalized we produce the remainder of the drawings.

Typical drawing set includes:
• Key Plan
• Space plan
• Construction Drawings, (framing, wall composition, noise control, door and hardware schedule, windows)
• Electrical Drawings (outlet locations, electrical load calculation, circuit designation, equipment hook up specs)
• Suspended Ceiling Plan (lights, exit/emergency lights, switches)
• Plumbing Drawings (drainage for sanitary sewer, vents, water distribution, HWT)
• Heating, Ventilation, Air Conditioning Drawings (heat loss and gain calculations, duct sizing, ventilation and fresh air calculations.)
• Specs for Plumbing Fixtures and Electrical Fixtures complete with Catalogue Numbers
• Complete Cabinet Drawings (sections, elevations, layout) Interior Decoration including Colours, floor finishes, laminates
• X-ray protection/shielding drawings


With permits in place and the design complete we can start building your hospital.

We have done everything from small 1,000 sqf plaza units to training facilities over 40,000 sqf and everything in between. Our crew and trades professionals have worked with us for several years and done numerous projects, which translates to a strong understanding of the way veterinary-specific projects need to be built.

Please feel free to ask us for tours of projects and we can gladly show you similar sized and style projects to your own to help you get a feel and understanding of what we offer.